Picturesque port of Epirus.

The city, with its narrow streets, its traditional buildings, its famous taverns and its cafes, fells like an island.

It is 11 km from Aktio Airport.

Exactly at the mouth of the entrance of its harbor, in 31 BC, the naval battle of Aktio took place, between Antonios and Cleopatra on one side, and Octavius, later called Augustus, on the other, marked the end of the Hellenistic period and the dawn of the Roman era.

In memory of his victory, Augustus founded Nikopoli, the largest ancient city in Greece, which is 8 kilometers from the city.

Epirus lives off the primary sector and produces exquisite local products.

From the base, and at about 10-minutes away on foot, lies a beautiful beach with coffee bars, which you can visit while we take care and supply your yacht.